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Our Clients

Ranging from large global organizations to local businesses, our clients are intent on leading their industries by building healthy teams. Helping them align and inspire their teams is our passion and our privilege.

Steps to Your Peak Performance


"Define the problem properly, and the solution will present itself." - Albert Einstein
Solutions depend on accurate understanding which, in turn, depends on listening. Before offering solutions, we take the time to hear you.


Your story is unique. No organization possesses the same blend of experience, talent, and opportunity. So we provide a "Peak Performance Plan" (PPP) customized to equip YOUR team with the tools necessary to reach their potential.


Emerson once said that “Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” Because leadership can be a lonely proposition, we work with you to execute your PPP.

These statistics reveal a crisis in leadership.
Imagine living with confidence that your organization's leaders could align your teams for success. What would be possible?
Winning organizations intentionally equip those leaders. But how? And when?
There is an answer. Enroll in The Leader Academy today.


Are your working relationships characterized by mutual respect, innovation, collaboration, healthy conflict, and an open invitation for feedback?

Have you seen time and energy wasted on turf wars, silo mindsets, suspicion, and misunderstandings?

Trustology can change that.

What Our Clients Are Saying

As a global organization, Woodward needed a partner who could help us develop excellence in our leaders and managers. Feeling lost for a training solution, I am grateful to have found that collaborative consultant in Peak Solutions. Their excellent work in training and development has contributed to our success and provided a foundation upon which we continue to build.

Tracy Gohari

Director of Business Communications, Woodward, Inc

I have experienced many different approaches and resources to Strategic Planning in our business and Eric and Peak Solutions are tremendous! Kept us focused, engaged, and consistently challenged us to arrive at our desired outcomes. Eric is an expert at asking the right questions and facilitating organizations to clarity of vision and establishing actionable steps to achieve the vision. I highly recommend Eric and the processes that he uses to anyone that needs to get their team aligned and headed in the right direction. Profit or non-profit.

Ken Salazar

President/CEO, SilverEdge

The lack of internal communication in our organization was holding us back and, when it came to moving us forward, I felt paralyzed. Richard and Peak Solutions helped us get out of our silos to communicate openly and value each other’s contribution. We trust Peak. They efficiently uncover obstacles and provide robust solutions to improve the team.

Mitch Menlove

HR Director, Organization Development & Talent Management - Hoerbiger

Some personnel issues are too easy to ignore and sweep under the rug. I knew that we would miss opportunities if we didn't keep pushing and challenging our team to operate more effectively. But how? Peak Solutions helped us greatly. They didn’t just go through a process, they cared about our team and pushed us to results. Now, thanks to Peak, we have a plan to address those issues and seize all of our opportunities.

David Cron

C.E.O. Skyland Grain LLC & Skyland Co-op Inc.