The BIG lie about TRUST – 5 reasons why trust is not earned

May 30, 2015By deltavBlog

Nobody comes to the discussion on trust empty handed. We all have strong feelings about it. We know how it feels when trust is misused, betrayed, or withheld. Our perspectives are real and have been informed by a lifetime of experiences, pain and broken relationships. Sometimes these conclusions are helpful and sometimes they hold us … Read More

Blame is the game & everyone is playing

May 15, 2015By deltavBlog

Where have all of the responsible people gone? We are living in a society where blame and finger pointing have overtaken ownership and accountability. Not a day goes by where we don’t see evidence of someone blaming someone else for the problems in their life. Personal ownership is an old fashioned value and one that … Read More

Why am I talking??

April 23, 2015By deltavBlog

I recently noticed the same thing happening in three different settings: at a nice restaurant last weekend with friends, at Q’doba for lunch by myself yesterday, and at a coffee shop with a friend…one person at a table being held hostage by another motor mouth across the table.  

The Power of a Good Question – The Greatest Question Ever

March 18, 2015By deltavBlog

Years ago I learned a simple lesson while watching a teaching by Bobb Biehl, an Executive Mentor. He said if you ask no questions, you get no answers. If you ask simple questions you will get simple answers. If you ask powerful questions you will get powerful answers. Super simple—yet super profound.

The Gift of Feedback – and why you struggle receiving it

February 13, 2015By deltavBlog

Feedback is a gift, and it isn’t always friendly. I have talked with some leaders recently who are getting some tough feedback from their teams. They don’t necessarily like what they are hearing, but they know that they need to hear it so they can grow and improve. We all know we’re supposed to say … Read More