Don’t Rob People of Their Problems

December 17, 2014By deltavBlog

We see this everywhere today. Children are cheated of any chance to fail by well-meaning parents. College grads who can’t find work have no reason to leave the comfort, security, and video games in their parents’ basement. Bad employees do subpar work, and their teammates pick up the slack and fix their problems—again. I’m guessing … Read More

Learn How to FIGHT! Things to Consider When in Conflict (Part 1)

December 3, 2014By deltavBlog

“Conflict is the doorway to intimacy.” I recently heard this statement and couldn’t have agreed more.   Conflict is also the window to growth. Why then do so many people avoid it? It’s because they don’t have the right mindset or toolbox for handling conflict. It is absolutely impossible to be in relationship with people … Read More

Being Thankful – 5 Ways to Build an Attitude of Gratitude

November 27, 2014By deltavBlog

Did you know daily gratitude leads to higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy and happiness? Who doesn’t want that?   Putting an attitude of gratitude into practice, while difficult, is powerful. No amount of your favorite quotes or kitty posters or positive self-talk can ensure you have an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude … Read More

I Have a Confession

November 23, 2014By deltavBlog

Over the last 13 years I have focused all of my time, energy and resources on building my firm and serving our clients. It has been an amazing ride and I have to pinch myself every day knowing I get to do what I love and what I believe God created me to do.   … Read More