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Are your working relationships characterized by mutual respect, innovation, collaboration, healthy conflict, and an open invitation for feedback? Or have you experienced time and energy being wasted on turf wars, silo mindsets, suspicion, misunderstandings, and low employee engagement? In Trustology, Richard Fagerlin challenges readers to take responsibility for the one thing that determines the success of every business and interpersonal endeavor: trust. He casts a vision for high-functioning relationships, both personal and professional, and shares the three components necessary for trust to flourish. Finally, he gives leaders a simple four-step process to lead their groups into becoming high-trust teams. If you are ready to have your assumptions challenged, your sights raised, and your business or team shifted into high gear, Trustology was written for you. Includes a Trust Factor assessment for teams and individuals.

Many organizations utilize Trustology as a resource for their leadership teams or even all employees company wide. If you want to have a culture of high trust, provide a copy for everyone in your organization. Contact us for special orders or custom covers with message to your team, clients, or employees.