Trustology Card Deck




We may not have cracked the “code” on trust but we do believe that we have cracked the code on how to talk about trust in ways you never thought possible. The Trustology card sort exercise is the most powerful and impactful tool for talking with others (and yourself) about trust. To date, thousands of people have utilized these cards to determine what is going “well” what is going “not well” and what is “sometimes” good and sometimes not good. The card sort contains 20 of the key topics from Trustology and on one side describes the topic and on the other side, it describes what “good” looks like for that topic.

Use this tool to determine you and your team’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to trust. Utilize it to have conversations with others that before, you never thought would be possible. For team use, it is recommended to purchase one set of cards for each team member.

“If you are to have trust, it begins and ends with you.”