Peak Strategic Plan

No one knows your organization better than you and your team, and no one else can drive it forward. But we can help. Using a proven process, we’ll guide you to a winning strategy that empowers your team to move forward with a culture of excellence.

At Peak Solutions, we don’t create a plan and throw it to you to execute, leaving you to convince others in your organization to follow along. We serve as guides in the process, gaining valuable information about your organization and creating conversations that get the most important issues out on the table. We help your team to imagine the ideal future and create a clear vision and a focused plan to achieve this vision.

Our process is a powerful, customizable, proven method for growing a profitable and successful organization. It has helped hundreds of organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and it can help you.


Guide leaders to clarity of a winning strategy that is actionable and adaptive, focused on results.


Phase 1: Pre- Discovery

We get to know your company and your team to prepare you for success.


Phase 2: 2-3 Day Facilitated Strategy Session

We uncover where you are and how you got there, identify your company’s true mission, lay out a plan for moving forward aimed at your clear vision, and empower your team to move into action.

**This is followed by a 6-8 week gap where leaders of initiatives gather key team members and create detailed action plans utilizing tools that we provide.


Phase 3: Two-Day Follow-Up to Scrub and Launch

We help with organizational structure strategy, review action plans, and officially launch your plan into action.


Phase 4: Support and Quarterly Reviews

We meet with key team leaders and CEO periodically to offer guidance and support as needed.

~3 months - Coaching of Strategy Champion and Action Initiative Plan Leaders for plan implementation.
Quarterly Reviews - Facilitation of plan review and make necessary adjustments
~3 months - Continued coaching of Strategy Champion and Action Initiative Plan Leaders for plan implementation.


Phase 5:

We get back together with your team to review your plan and adjust the plan for the upcoming year after re-examining current trends and perspective.


  • An actionable strategic plan on a single page that is updated as your organization moves forward.
  • Tools, training and support to drive your strategic initiatives forward.
  • A strategic system that is adaptive and scalable, creating team buy-in and organizational performance.

To any organization looking to unite their strategic thinking and operational efforts around one systematic yet powerful process, look no further than Peak Solutions Strategic Plan. And we give our highest recommendation to Eric as a facilitator. Eric masterfully harnessed the diverse expertise and collective wisdom of our leadership team to help us create a bold, systematic and action-oriented strategic plan that will guide our operations as we move to achieve our now clear vision for the future of our company. Thank you, Eric, for investing in our success and for your continued support.

– Charles M. Shoop, Esq., General Counsel, Professional Finance Company, Inc.

Your team CAN fight through it all and win.