The workplace of the future demands a new brand of leader

Winning organizations will invest in those leaders today.
But how?
And when?
Let Peak Solutions Help

We’re experiencing a global crisis in leadership.


of bosses think employees leave for better pay


of employees actually leave for better pay


of employees prefer a new boss over a pay raise


of executives lack confidence in their leader pipeline

The Leader Academy is not another training

It is designed to create change - to build leaders in practice. In cohorts of limited size (<20), Leader Academy participants receiving coaching in:


  • Management vs. Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • Understanding Motivation
  • Coaching for Performance


  • Maximizing Team Member Contribution
  • Creating High-Performing Teams (w assessment)
  • Building High-Trust Teams
  • Effective Delegation


  • Fostering Healthy Dialogue
  • Leading Productive Meetings
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Harnessing Harmful Behavior


  • Prioritization vs Time Management
  • Identifying the Right Goals
  • Following the Right Metrics
  • Aligning Teams for Progress

We have equipped wise leaders in hundreds of organizations worldwide and we are eager to partner with you to develop the leaders you need.

Prepare the Leaders You'll Need

Leaders inspire and align teams to turn disruptions into opportunities. Without them things fall apart and devolve into dysfunction and waste.

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