Nonprofit Executive Mindset – Scarcity VS Abundance

May 22, 2023By deltavBlog

I struggle with the term “nonprofit.”  Generally, “for-profit” companies benefit from being highly motivated to make a financial profit. But, the profit motive alone is rarely sufficient to drive sustainable success.  What is it that motivates your nonprofit organization?  This graphic provides a few examples of how we can adjust our thought processes to move from average … Read More

Debunking the Mindset That Holds Nonprofits Back

May 8, 2023By deltavBlog

  No Surprises: Debunking the Mindset That Holds Nonprofits Back I was honored – and challenged – to report directly to nonprofit boards for over 25 years. I have made my share of mistakes and learned a few things along the way. One of the most knowledgeable and committed boards I worked for had a … Read More