Six Moves to Build a More Sustainable Future For Your Co-op

June 12, 2023By deltavBlog

During good times, it’s easy to read leadership books and get behind all the cliché quotes, methodologies, and soundbites from the experts. We can learn from case studies and cast big vision and goals. When margins are high, and rain produces abundant crops, it seems to make a hell of a lot more sense to … Read More

Challenging Questions Every Nonprofit Board Should Ask

June 12, 2023By deltavBlog

My experience has been that the best nonprofit board members are those who listen the most intently while asking challenging questions that get to the heart of the matter the most directly.  How much energy does the typical board put into evaluating its own health and effectiveness? This group of questions includes many that boards might … Read More

Nonprofit Board Member Mindset – Scarcity VS Abundance

June 5, 2023By deltavBlog

“Eclectic” is an accurate way to describe the mix of people on almost any nonprofit board. Getting a group of often highly successful people with multiple motives and perspectives to pull in the same direction is perhaps the quintessential challenge of the nonprofit world.  The absence of the compelling profit motive that drives for-profit organizations … Read More

Nonprofit Executive Mindset – Scarcity VS Abundance

May 22, 2023By deltavBlog

I struggle with the term “nonprofit.”  Generally, “for-profit” companies benefit from being highly motivated to make a financial profit. But, the profit motive alone is rarely sufficient to drive sustainable success.  What is it that motivates your nonprofit organization?  This graphic provides a few examples of how we can adjust our thought processes to move from average … Read More

Debunking the Mindset That Holds Nonprofits Back

May 8, 2023By deltavBlog

  No Surprises: Debunking the Mindset That Holds Nonprofits Back I was honored – and challenged – to report directly to nonprofit boards for over 25 years. I have made my share of mistakes and learned a few things along the way. One of the most knowledgeable and committed boards I worked for had a … Read More

Ray Caraway Joins Peak Solutions to Lead Nonprofit Division

March 30, 2023By deltavBlog

Peak Solutions is proud to announce that veteran nonprofit executive, Ray Caraway, has joined their team. Ray joins the Fort Collins-based leadership development firm after 30 years of nonprofit experience and 17 years as CEO at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.  After several years as a practicing attorney, Ray served as CEO of public … Read More

The Key to Nonprofit Success: A Strong CEO-Board Relationship

March 29, 2023By deltavBlog

Having a front-row seat to see nonprofits heroically change lives, bring diverse groups of people together around common missions, and strengthen communities in fundamental ways, has been a wonderful gift – a great way to spend the past 30 years!  But I’ve also seen the darker side of the nonprofit sector:  The never-ending “treadmill” of … Read More

3 Practical Solutions to Survive the Status Quo

May 14, 2016By deltavBlog

Have you ever sat back and marveled at just how well things are going? Have you found yourself rejoicing that finally, things are calm, predictable and consistent? And, have you found yourself in these same moments worried sick that you may lose relevance, become complacent and fall into failure?