I have always known that there is power in great questions. I have heard it said that if you ask simple questions you get simple answers, ask powerful questions and you get powerful answers but most importantly if you ask no questions you will get no answers.

One of the best tools I have experienced is very simple, it’s easy to use and it is just three words: Start, Stop and Continue.

Asking these three questions can bring transformation, focus and clarity and it can do it almost immediately.

To bring clarity to a situation ask yourself…

“What should I START doing?”
“What should I STOP doing?”
“What should I CONTINUE doing?”

Pick an area of your life or your work that you want to focus on. Ask these three questions, then act on them.

If you have determined that in order to be a more effective leader you need to get better at seeking feedback from others then you may choose to Start asking your team members to tell you one area to improve on every month. You may want to Stop interrupting people and listening longer than you feel comfortable and you may decide to Continue your 360 degree feedback report each year.

In an effort to improve your relationship with your spouse or significant other you may want to Start writing one note a week and mailing it home. It might be good to Stop using your cell phone after 6 pm and you may Continue a weekly date night where no “business” is discussed.

If you desire to improve your health you may Start attending a group exercise class, Stop eating sugar for 30 days and Continue reading a weekly blog on healthy eating.

Whatever your goal and whatever your motivation, asking these three questions will help bring clarity and focus at a time when it is needed.

You can use the Stop, Start, Continue tool in many circumstances. After you have read a great book ask Stop, Start, Continue. After you attend a conference or seminar Stop, Start, Continue. When you are faced with a change Stop, Start, Continue. When you need to break a pattern or create new habits Stop, Start, Continue.

These might seem like simple questions but they aren’t. The process is simple but the depth of awareness is powerful. Sometimes simple things lead to powerful results.

Lead Well, Lead Often and LEAD STRONG!